5 essential tips for a successful restaurant website

Gone are the days when a simple calling card and some advertising were enough to spread the word about your establishment.


Nowadays, and with the rate of internet use increasing exponentially from one year to the next, there is a simple truth that has almost become a rule: "If a company can’t be found online, it doesn’t “exist”.”

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Email marketing for restaurants: the secret

Email continues to be one of the most efficient ways to retain customers. Proof of this is in the fact that many businesses still rely on email strategy as a far superior tool for a marketing budget than social networks.

The secret of email marketing is to set the objective of your communication and create a clear and simple strategy. Seems easy? That’s because it is! But lots of companies nowadays are still doing email marketing without any strategy or coordination.

Start promoting your restaurant to your customers. Take the steps outlined below and watch as they help you create a smart strategy.

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