A basic guide to facebook for restaurants: Part 1 - Introduction

A basic guide to facebook for restaurants: Part 1 - Introduction

I will venture to say that, nowadays, everyone has at least heard of facebook. People who use the site rarely go a day without checking it. Used to exchange messages or personal posts, facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools that restaurants can use, at a relatively low cost and with very attractive return possibilities.


But not everything that looks easy is easy. Facebook is easy to access but promoting a restaurant, or any other business for that matter, must be done in a structured and efficient way. Forget the idea that all it takes for people to follow your page is to upload something on your wall. If that’s what you’ve been told, don’t be fooled because that’s not how it works. You can also forget any kind of intense publicity: this is called SPAM. And it doesn’t work either! People like to find out about new restaurants but they don’t like receiving advertisement after advertisement.


On this post, we will reveal some efficient practices that will help to create a community of followers who will be attentive to all of your advertisements and promotions, without feeling ‘forced’ to receive such messages.


5 tips for starting to use facebook


Identify your target audience

Who do you want to communicate with? What kinds of customers regularly visit your restaurant? What kinds of potential customers do you want to attract to your restaurant?

Identifying segments is just as important for sales as going digital. Create ‘person types’ and adapt your strategy to focus on your objectives.


Tone of speech

Treat your followers as friends of the restaurant. Friends are never formal, right? Use relaxed communication that relies on a balanced mixture of humour, information, customer support and special offers.


When you get feedback, reply to it

No one likes conversations that end in the middle. Form a close relationship with your customers and followers. Respond to all comments and reviews, even those that aren’t as positive as you’d like.


Personalise your message

We all like to be treated like we’re special. Adapt your message to every type of segment that you identify when setting the ‘person types’ for your restaurant. 


Think local first, then global

Having lots of followers is the dream of any business, whatever the social network. But will these 5000 followers really translate into sales? Probably only 5 to 10% of these will actually go to your restaurant. Focus on the ‘local’. Create advertisements that are segmented by area, geo-localise your restaurant and try to gain the trust of the customers that are closest to your establishment. It will be these people who will form the basis of your success.


There is still time to make your restaurant a benchmark for dining experience. Start by creating your page and follow our tips. You will see the results in no time.


If you would like our help, you can also consult our Digital Marketing services.


Are you ready to revolutionise your business with the help of facebook?

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