Email marketing for restaurants: the secret

Email marketing for restaurants: the secret

Email continues to be one of the most efficient ways to retain customers. Proof of this is in the fact that many businesses still rely on email strategy as a far superior tool for a marketing budget than social networks.

The secret of email marketing is to set the objective of your communication and create a clear and simple strategy. Seems easy? That’s because it is! But lots of companies nowadays are still doing email marketing without any strategy or coordination.

Start promoting your restaurant to your customers. Take the steps outlined below and watch as they help you create a smart strategy.


1. Create a customer database

Are you always struggling to gather customer data? Well the struggle is over! Starting from now, this task is going to get a lot simpler. If you’re eager to keep gathering data, you must already be starting to think of ways to request customers’ contact information to facilitate communication with them.

For example, a great way to gather contact information is giving people something in exchange for information, whether it is a contest on social networks or a specific promotion, or anything else for that matter. If the customer is interested in participating, they will give you the contact information you request without a second thought. And with this you will be able to build a valuable database for your restaurant.


2. Choose good software

Choose good, simple and intuitive software to send emails. There are some very attractive solutions on the market right now, some of which are free.

Software like Mailchimp, which lets you send 12,000 emails a month to a database of 2,000 contacts, is excellent for anyone wanting to get started with an email marketing strategy.

Important note: divide your contacts into lists. Mailchimp has great tools to send specific, personalised emails for each of your lists. This way you can communicate objectively and differently with all kinds of customers who visit your restaurant.


3. Create automatic messages

Another excellent way to gather contacts is using your website. Create registration forms for emails with automatic reply to thank people who subscribe to your newsletter. 

You can send a simple “thanks” or a discount code that will help you get the customer in the door faster.


4. Design newsletters

Bet on efficiency. We often have the tendency to complicate the ‘simple’ unnecessarily.

Normally, email marketing software has graphic solutions that let you send your newsletters in a quick and simple way. If you want a personalised solution, you can contract design services and leave your mark on your clients.

Be concise in your communication. Don’t forget to provide basic information about your restaurant in all of the emails you send: address, directions, phone number and opening hours.


5. Collect feedback

Value your customers’ feedback. Try to get them to respond to newsletters, turning plans into action. Never send emails through a ‘no-reply’ address. To become closer to the customer, you need to promote a personal and rewarding conversation, without explicitly drawing attention to your commercial intention. Sometimes sales start with the small details and showing each customer that they are unique and special can only mean advantages… and more sales!


Do you already have an email marketing strategy? If not, tell us what kind of communication you use with your customers.

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